Our Achievers

Ranjan singh

Mr. Ranjan ku Singh

I had been associated with direct selling business for few years but when I got acquainted with the Kishanzen products, marketing plan and the management, I knew this is the place to be. After using the products, my confidence in them increased tremendously, I started building the business and followed the system judiciously and have garnered huge success. The company has given me and my family a future that many can just dream of and has put me in the league of luxury car owners. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Narasingha Majhi

Mr. Narsingha Majhi

I had suffered in direct selling before. There was no income and only expenditure. But in Kishanzen, with minimum efforts you get superb results. The products are of great quality and are highly effective. My uplines have supported me a lot and even my downlines are doing really well. If you don’t have money initially and want to earn lots of money, you should work with Kishanzen. With Kishanzen, there is no boss and no loss. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Sania Sing

Mr. Sania Sing

I want to start by thanking Kishanzen for giving me a chance to earn and improve my lifestyle in such a short period of time. I am a regular user of Kishanzen products and recommended it others as well to benefit from them. I would Iike to extend my heartfelt thanks to Kishanzen team. I think success in Kishanzen is assured if one sincerely follows the system and work hard. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Kamakshya Prasad Prusty

Mr. Kamakshya Prasad Prusty

Starting the Kishanzen business as a distributor was the best decision of my life. With its excellent quality products and amazing marketing plan, I have reached great heights of success. I have also attended many recognition events. I am immensely grateful to Kishanzen for making my dreams come true. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Kanhu Prusty

Mr. Kanhu Prusty

I used to drive an auto-rickshaw before becoming a Kishanzen distributor. The life was hard and I was not able to accomplish anything. My upline one day introduced me to the world of Kishanzen while talking to me in a garage. Since then my life has changed drastically and I'm now living a qualitatively better life, healthwise and career wise. I think if I could achieve success in life through Kishanzen, then anyone else can also make a great difference. This is an one time opportunity to change the course of life and no one should miss it. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Krushna Pradhan

Mr. Krushna Pradhan

Nothing can beat Kishanzen when it comes to doing business while maintaining your own independence. When I joined Kishanzen as an independent distributor, I was hesitant of success in the company. This belief was broken as Kishanzen proved to be completely different. As I started growing my business, my income started getting better. I have now gained huge respect and it is all because of Kishanzen. I will always be thankful to Kishanzen for everything it gave to me. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Suryananda Singh

Mr. Suryananda Singh

I have worked with many other companies but was unable to achieve success due to shortcomings in the business plan. When I joined Kishanzen it was like a miracle in my life. I have now achieved financial freedom and good health by using its products. Kishanzen also allows one to contribute to the society and makes it a better place to live. I would like to thank my upline, downlines and the management of the company for my success. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Sinheswar Yadav

Mr. Sinheswar Yadav

Many thanks to my great upline and dedicated downlines as well as the Kishanzen management. Each of them has contributed to my success and there is no way I would be in such an advantageous position without their help. I am very grateful to them for offering me support and encouragement. I have gained faith in my abilities and learned to believe in myself, and I consider this a valuable lesson to learn. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Narayan Hansdah

Mr. Narayan Hansdah

Kishanzen gave me the strength to overpower everything and work towards your goal. I became an independent distributor of Kishanzen and started working hard towards my goal. With the continuous support of the management, my downlines and my family, I have achieved the level where I am today. Kishanzen taught me to never look back and keep moving ahead despite all hurdles. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Birupakshya Sahu

Mr. Birupakshya Sahu

Many thanks to my upline who introduced me to Kishanzen and has been my biggest support in the system. I have received a lot of guidance and this is the reason why I have achieved this level of success. Kishanzen has changed my life for the better. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Akhya Kumar Nayak

Mr. Akhya Kumar Nayak

I was looking for a stable business with a stable income but was unable to find such a system where you get the due for your efforts. When I got to know of Kishanzen, I realised this is the business I had been searching for. Becoming a Kishanzen distributor has been the best decision of my life as you earn a living by improving the lives of so many people. I want to thank my upline and the Kishanzen management for extending their support and keeping us motivated at all times. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Ram Chandra Patro

Mr. Ram Chandra Patro

My Kishanzen journey transformed my life 360 degrees. When I started my career as an independent Kishanzen distributor, I was not sure of how much success I can achieve. However, when I saw every ordinary person becoming extraordinary on the Kishanzen platform. Overall, Kishanzen is an incredible direct selling platform because of the robust marketing plan, the effective yet affordable products and a visionary management. Be a part of this Wellth revolution and experience how your life can change too. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Premlata Singh.jpg

Mrs. Premlata Singh

Kishanzen changed me from a simple woman to a successful woman entrepreneur. The credit for my success goes to Kishanzen’s high-quality products and rewarding marketing plan. I have achieved financial freedom and my confidence level has increased significantly. I never imagined that I would achieve so much and reach this position. Now it’s my turn to change the lives of many more women and make them successful with the power of Kishanzen. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!

Bijay Sing.jpg

Mr. Bijay Sing

I was struggling to earn a decent income to support my entire family. There was no hope and it seemed almost impossible. I met a friend who told me about the benefits of joining Kishanzen as an independent distributor. I had heard about the different direct selling companies with their success plans but I was told Kishanzen was different. As I became a part of Kishanzen, I realised that Kishanzen is really different from all other companies. Plans are easy to understand and duplicable which makes getting successful easier for everyone. Jai Jawan! Jai Kishan!